Velociter Holdings

Building Better Businesses

velociter Holdings includes a diverse portfolio of businesses. We commit our financial resources and expertise to growth-oriented, well-positioned companies with innovative ideas and strong organizational values.

Velociter Holdings, rooted in Nashville, TN, uses strategic investments in many different tech and non-tech industries to acquire and create mainstream brands, professionalizing the different business landscapes through the power of private enterprise.

Velociter Holdings is set apart by the depth of hands-on management and entrepreneurial experience of our team, which includes prestigious educational backgrounds from Belmont University and Walsh College of Business, marketing professionals from industry leading brands, and serial entrepreneurs. 

Focused on industries stigmatized by fast growth perceptions, Velociter Holdings is elevating consumer expectations through the consistent quality and service of its growing portfolio of leading brands.

From providing pure, reliable tech to US Patents to empowering consumers worldwide with trustworthy products, our companies are in the business of creating meaningful returns, both financial and social.


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